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  Helen Wilson and Jordan Coe, from Carnage Muay Thai in Grangemouth, Scotland in the UK, came to Sumalee Boxing Gym on the very strong recommendation of the owner of another gym in Scotland.  Helen is a fitness instructor and has two children.  When he arrived with us, Jordan was only 15 years old and celebrated his 16th birthday whilst he was at the camp. They have both practiced Muay Thai for several years, have several fights to their name and both hold Scottish Championship titles.                   Both Helen and Jordan take their Muay Thai training very seriously and came to us in very good condition.  They were our first Platinum Package guests and therefore benefitted from a full Body Composition Analaysis and Fitness Test on arrival at the camp.  This provided the control measurement against which to assess change.
At the end of their two week stay with us, the same tests were performed and the remarkable differences achieved can be seen below.  They went from being in good condition to having the form of a true athelete, demonstrating the effectiveness of the Muay Thai training at Sumalee Boxing gym.
Parameter                 Jordan                   Helen
Body Composition
% Fat

– 4.4%

–  3.9%

Kg Fat

– 2.4 kg

– 2.1kg

Kg Muscle

+ 2.8 kg

+ 5.7kg

Cardio Fitness
1 km Run

– 20 secs

No data

Muscular Resistance
Sit-ups (1 min)

+ 3

+ 8

Push-ups (1 min)

+ 43

+ 52

Kicks (30 secs)

+ 7

+ 4

To see how Helen’s training went watch the video below! To see how Jordan’s training went watch the video below! During Jordan’s time in Thailand, he decided to have his first full contact fight at Bangla Boxing Stadium in Phuket. He adopted Oron ‘Deachkalon’ Sumalee’s traditional Issan pre-fight dance and even uses his own Kaen (musical instrument), this showed a large amount of respect for his trainer and the gym. He hopes to take this back to Scotland and perform it before every fight!  Jordan showed great fortitude during his fight against a much taller French opponent and achieved an impressive TKO in the second round. This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged , , , , , , , , , , , , , by admin. Bookmark the permalink.

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