Video | Jordan and Savannah face tough Thai opponents at Bangla Stadium

Wednesday night saw Team Sumalee descend upon Bangla Boxing Stadium once again. Originally scheduled for Friday night, Jordan Coe and visiting fighter Savannah Kincses were asked by the promoter on Tuesday if they could fight on Wednesday instead. Despite the short notice and lack of a rest day they both accepted the challenge without complaint.

Savannah had already visited and fought for our camp last year so she new what to expect. For this fight she trained with our team for around 3 weeks and was matched with her first Thai opponent, Nungning. Savannah did well to defend against the powerful attacks of the Thai and landed some solid knees and punches. Despite this, Nungning seemed to have experience on her side and her counter attacking kicks crept through too many times for the judges liking. 

Jordan Coe began his fight the way he always does, with a little Thai style dancing! With the crowd suitably warmed up for the main event the bell sounded for round 1. Not to be outdone by Jordan’s entrance, Daraaek began with a cartwheel kick which almost connected. Both fighters went toe-to-toe for the first 3 rounds with Jordan becoming the aggressor in the clinch during the later rounds. Everyone thought he had done enough to claim the win but the judges thought differently and the Thai was declared the winner by decision. A lot of disagreement could be heard around the stadium but we’ll let you make up your own mind.

A big shout out to our students for their fantastic support!

Jingreed Dum Sumalee (Thailand) VS Nungning Elite Fight Club – Nungning WINS by Decision

Jordan Coe Sumalee (Scotland) VS Daraaek Petsaban Nakonthang (Thailand) - Daraaek WINS via Decision

Video | Amazing Muay Thai Comeback & Elbow War at Bangla Stadium

Team Sumalee headed down to Patong last night for another exciting evening of fights, but we got a lot more than we bargained for! Our junior fighter, Deem (Jingreed Dum Sumalee), warmed up the crowd in the opening bout against Look Hin Sor. Satchai. Deem had the advantage in both height and age but Look Hin was more experienced, even at 7 years old! Despite this Deem started with an aggressive approach and soon got the better of his opponent. He was declared the winner by Rd 1 TKO in his first Muay Thai fight.

Kaengkla was scheduled for the penultimate fight of the evening, with Martin in the final and main event. Kaeng faced the sturdy looking Singnoi from Lion Muay Thai and looked to be on the back foot for the first two rounds, conceding an 8-count and being saved by the bell in Rd 2. Unbelievably he came back with some huge knees in Round 3 to win by TKO in Rd 3 and (we think) dislocating his opponents shoulder from the force!

In what had to be the fight of the night, sponsored fighter Martin Avery took on the heavily tattooed Willy from Kaewphitak Muay Thai. Both fighters battled over 4 non-stop rounds and were unrelenting with their attacks. By Round 2/3 both fighters were cut from elbows but Martin’s superior cardio soon became evident. The referee called an end to the fight in Rd 4 and the blood soaked athletes embraced with mutual respect. A fantastic end to the evening!

Jingreed Dum Sumalee (Thailand) VS Look Hin Sor. Satchai – Jingreed Dum WINS by Round 1 TKO

Kaengkla Sumalee (Thailand) VS Singnoi Lion Muay Thai (Thailand) – Kaengkla WINS via Round 3 TKO

Martin Avery Sumalee (Thailand) VS Willy Kaewphitak (U.S.A.) – Martin WINS via Round 4 KO

Video | Team Sumalee dominate at Clydebank Blitz 2

Last month Jordan Coe and Craig Dickson returned to Scotland for their first fights on home soil since relocating to Thailand as pro fighters. Both fighters were treated to incredible receptions from the Scottish crowd, and didn’t disappoint the fans with their impressive Sumalee style entrances, and even more impressive performances.

Watch the full fight videos below!