Fight Results: 20th May at Bangla Boxing Stadium

By Mike Davis for Sumalee Media

Our fighters faced some challenging opponents on Wednesday night at Bangla Boxing Stadium. Kaengkla Sumalee was the penultimate match on the card facing Chuchai Patong MK who is a seasoned local nak mauy. Kaengkla displayed some lightning fast kicks and vicious elbows, cutting Chuchai at the end of the third round. Our Thai fighter looked to be in excellent form throughout all 5 rounds leading to a comfortable decision victory.

Martin faced a experienced Russian opponent out of Elite Fight Club. He seemed to have trouble finding his rhythm in the early Rounds but managed to pick up some good points in Rd 3. After some stern words from the corner Martin adjusted his tactics going into Rd 4, concentrating on the clinch, but it wasn’t enough to impress the judges and the blue corner was awarded the decision.

Kaengkla Sumalee (Thailand) VS Chuchai Patong MK (Thailand) - Kaengkla WINS via decision

Martin Avery Sumalee (Thailand) VS Ross Elite Fight Club (Thailand) - Ross WINS via decision

Check out the photo album from Mike Davis Photography on our Facebook Page here, or watch the full fight videos below.

Forging Partnerships Across Asia: Onyx MMA

By SBG Performance & Nutrition

Living in this part of the world means I get to see many amazing places and experience different cultures, food and ways of life. Only last week I had the pleasure of going over to Singapore to link up with Onyx MMA, a prospective partner gym in this corner of South East Asia. I was met by Jack and Chocolate (the owner and manager of the gym) at Changi International airport to spend a few days getting to see how they run the gym as well as to discuss ways in which we can take the relationship between the two gyms forward.

Singapore is unlike any other country in Asia I have visited. A bustling metropolis with the grandeur and unashamed wealth of any western hub you care to think of mixed in with a traditional element of a myriad of Asian cultures. It is home to a large population of Chinese, Indian and Malaysian along with a large expat community mostly working in the impressive financial district.

Driving through the well maintained streets and boulevards it was a welcome experience not having to worry about a lunatic in a pick-up truck trying to undercut us at every opportunity. My initial impression was that it reminded me of downtown Melbourne. Clean, efficient, modern.

Onyx MMA itself is situated on the edge of a large public park and shares the land with a large paintball facility. Something to do between training sessions perhaps? I was introduced to the team and made to feel very welcome. Even though I had arrived at around lunchtime the gym was bustling with people coming and going and having one on one sessions. The trainers, as you’d expect in Asia, were all very humble and polite, keen to exchange greetings with me. It was agreed that I would take part in the evening Muay Thai training followed by a strength & conditioning session run by their dedicated coach.

After some local food from a street vendor and a good chat with Jack, Chocolate and their partner at the gym, Handy, I retired to my room to rest up for the evening session not knowing what I was in for.

In Thailand there is a certain way of training that I am used to. We run, we stretch, we wrap hands, we shadow box, we spar and then we kick bags or pads. All of this is done with a high intensity with rest periods in between and the sessions generally last around 2 hours. I would say my level of conditioning is ok, not great, but I was not prepared for the intensity of the training at Onyx! There was running, skipping, bag work, sparring, pad work all with minimal rest periods. There were some incredibly fit people training and the trainers must have unbelievable stamina to keep up for the full hour and a half sessions at that pace. It would put most people I know through their paces.

The session incorporated a small section dedicated to strength & conditioning which involved a lot of body weight and plyometric work which I enjoyed. I have never done so many press ups in such a short space of time! After the initial session was finished I had about an hours break to catch my breath and gear up for the full S&C session. This was more specialised and included agility and speed work as well power and core strength. Arab (the S&C coach) runs a very tight ship there and handles the groups of around 15 people very well, ensuring everyone has proper form and gets the most out of the session.

Throughout my entire time in Singapore I was treated to true Singaporean hospitality and that evening was taken to a local street food vendor for a sea food buffet. Now, I am not the biggest fan of seafood. I’m very British and I like salmon, cod, haddock etc but when it comes to more exotic cuts of fish I am relatively inexperienced. Not wanting to be rude I kept my mouth shut and sucked it up. The fact that I was starving probably helped with that decision. Brought out to us on platters were clams, squid, prawns and stingray. Yep, that’s what I thought too. But I can honestly say they were some of the tastiest dishes I’ve had whilst being in the Far East. The flavours were delicious and varied, the stingray especially being a personal favourite. I will not be such a little Englander in future.

The following day was my own to do with what I pleased. A quick search on Google left me completely bewildered as to what I should see in my short time on the island. I had been told that the MRT (train service) was the best way to get around so decided to purchase a day pass to see a few key sights. 

First things first was lunch. I decided to jump off in the financial district to see what I could find. Big mistake. No sooner had I left the station I was lost and hungry, struggling to get my bearings. I managed to get some chicken and rice from a street vendor and started to wander along the river, not in any particular direction. Some of the buildings down there are absolutely spectacular. You have most of the worlds big banks there as well as some luxury hotels to boot. Before long something came into view that I recognised. The Marina Bay Sands hotel. A monstrous building divided into three tall pillars with what can only be described as a cruise liner sat along the top of them. I headed towards it.

Seeing something that big in the distance and trying to get to it on foot was no mean feat. I had to cross a five lane highway and a river to get there but it was well worth it. Although the fee to get to the roof was astronomical and with the price of a soft drink making my eyes water the view made up for it. You can see most of the island and there are maps detailing what it is exactly you are looking at.

However the weather started to turn and I heard thunder in the distance. I didn’t fancy being sat atop the biggest lightning conductor in view for much longer so decided to retreat down to the nearest MRT station.

With my day drawing to a close I had enough time to make one more stop. Chinatown was on the way back to my hotel and I figured that was as good a place as any. In the 10 minutes I was there I saw a hindu temple, which I thought was weird seeing that we were in Chinatown, I went into the Tintin shop and I ate some delicious but extortionate chicken satay. A good day I think.

With my trip nearing an end all that was left to do was reflect on my stay and think about how impressed I was with both Onyx and Singapore itself. Onyx have a very good gym with lots of dedicated clients who come day in day out to learn the trade and keep in shape. I look forward to meeting Jack and the team again at some point, which I am sure won’t be too far into the future. There will be big news regarding our gyms and the alliance we are forming. So watch this space.

Sumalee Boxing Gym officially sponsored by Ultim8 Fightwear!

By Mike Davis 

Sumalee Boxing Gym is extremely pleased to announce it’s new official sponsor, Ultim8 Fightwear! Ultim8 was created in 2008 by Belgian fashion designer Sunny Coelst. Sunny started training Muay Thai when she relocated to Hong Kong 11 years ago. When she began fighting she found it very hard to find fight wear that fitted female fighters well, and decided to start her own label, Ultim8 Fightwear.

A few years later after starting a family with her husband, Christopher Marchewka, winning 3 title belts (WKN, WMC and WKBC), Sunny has expanded her business internationally. Ultim8 now offers a full range of training gear for a wide range of sports including Muay Thai, Boxing, MMA, and Crossfit, as well as general sports wear. Their products are distributed across the world in HK, New Zealand, France, Turkey and Thailand.

Created by fighters for fighters, Ultim8 is the first Deluxe FightWear brand using only high quality material and directly inspired by the latest fashion trends. It is also the only brand to offer a complete female line, especially designed and developed for ladies. Ultim8′s stylish outfits have quickly become popular within the Martial Arts scene and have been spotted on famous fighters such as Buakaw (Muay Thai), Bob Sapp (K-1 & MMA), Dzevad Poturak (K-1), Peter Graham (Kickboxing & MMA), any many Sumalee fighters.

Buakaw Banchamek wearing Ultim8 gear

Ultim8 also offers custom designs for fighters and gyms and has created custom items for singer Usher, and for Jemma Parr (the baby daughter of Muay Thai Champion John Wayne Parr & Angie Parr). Ultim8 next step is  to develop its own line of equipment (Gloves & shin guards. Hand wraps, ankle guard, jelly gloves all coming soon!). Offering the perfect mix of comfort, quality and design, Ultim8 has been chosen by the internationally renowned I-1 show to be its fight wear supplier for the past 3 years.

Angie & Jemma Parr

Continually expanding and developing, Ultim8 has started sponsoring gyms and athletes across the globe to increase the brand’s visibility worldwide (Muay Thai: Brazilian fighter Jeferson Oliveira, Singapore Muay Thai National Team Kai Chai. MMA: Tianjin K1 Team. BJJ: Black belt Augusto Miranda, Crossfit athlete: Antonio Barrias).

Former Sumalee sponsored fighter, Jake Lund, at the I-1 World Muay Thai Grand Extreme 2015

Sunny and her family first visited Sumalee Boxing Gym back in 2012 when the camp had only been open for a few months. Our team felt an immediate affinity with her, and she even had a fight representing Sumalee Boxing Gym during that visit. Since then Sunny, Christopher, and her daughters, Ely and Ness, have visited the camp on numerous occasions.

Now officially sponsoring Team Sumalee, Ultim8 has created a fantastic custom line of shorts for our trainers, fighters and staff. In addition to that we are now the exclusive distributers of their products in Phuket with plans for a custom range in the pipeline! Their very concept follows closely everything that we offer at Sumalee Boxing Gym, traditional values with a modern twist. We guarantee that you will love their products the moment you see them so head to their websiteFacebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts to check out their ever expanding range.