New Logo Announcement | Sumalee Ringside Restaurant

Sumalee Boxing Gym are pleased to announce the launch of a new logo for the Ringside Restaurant for 2015. This year has already seen some exciting updates to our brand with the launch of an updated gym logo and a new logo for SBG Nutrition, and we felt it was the perfect time to bring the restaurant in line with a new, modern look.

Designed in house and inspired by classic Thai elements, we aimed to create a logo that was immediately recognisable and memorable. A crisp shade of green was chosen as the main logo colour as it evokes feelings of health, growth and renewal, everything the Ringside Restaurant hopes to promote with it’s service. The design itself is based on a fusion of a boxing ring and iconic Thai architecture which can be seen throughout the kingdom on homes and temples alike.

The restaurant has had an important presence in the gym since we first opened our doors. The dining and social area has hosted many celebrations and is used daily by our students to socialise and relax in. In three years it has grown from serving simple breakfasts, to a full restaurant service offering meal plans, a fighters menu, and a wide selection of international and Thai dishes. Our Restaurant Manager, Rhian Miller, worked closely with SBG Nutrition services to create a nutritious and varied menu which has proved very popular with our students.

This logo marks the beginning of some important updates for the Ringside Restaurant in the forthcoming months. Stay tuned for more news.

By Mike Davis

Scotland prepares for ‘The Clydebank Blitz 2′

By Mike Davis for Sumalee Media

Sumalee sponsored fighters, Craig Dickson and Jordan “Deachkalek” Coe, have returned to Scotland for their first fights on home soil since relocating to Thailand. The ‘Clydebank Blitz 2′ is the second edition of Scotland’s newest Muay Thai promotion featuring some top local and international talent.

This will be Craig’s first fight in Scotland in 3 years, and Jordan’s first fight in Scotland after beginning his professional career in Thailand last year. During that time both fighters have firmly established themselves in the Thai scene, appearing on top shows and stadiums around Thailand and Asia including Thai Fight, Max Muay Thai, Z1 Promotions and the infamous Lumpinee Boxing Stadium in Bangkok.

Jordan and Craig have some tough bouts ahead of them. Craig will be competing in a 4-Man tournament with John Cullen, Wojtek Oleksyk and Andrew Miller. Jordan Coe faces French fighter, Alexis Font, out of Hanuman Thai Boxing in Edinburgh.

As official sponsors of the event Sumalee Boxing Gym have donated the top raffle prize of 2 weeks free training & accommodation at our camp in Phuket, Thailand. We will also be sponsoring the only adult female bout of the evening between Jenna Ross and Michelle Clucky.

Victory is never certain, but you can be sure that Craig and Jordan will put on one hell of a show for the Scottish crowd! Check out the full fight card below and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates over the next couple of days.

Fight Results: 20th May at Bangla Boxing Stadium

By Mike Davis for Sumalee Media

Our fighters faced some challenging opponents on Wednesday night at Bangla Boxing Stadium. Kaengkla Sumalee was the penultimate match on the card facing Chuchai Patong MK who is a seasoned local nak mauy. Kaengkla displayed some lightning fast kicks and vicious elbows, cutting Chuchai at the end of the third round. Our Thai fighter looked to be in excellent form throughout all 5 rounds leading to a comfortable decision victory.

Martin faced a experienced Russian opponent out of Elite Fight Club. He seemed to have trouble finding his rhythm in the early Rounds but managed to pick up some good points in Rd 3. After some stern words from the corner Martin adjusted his tactics going into Rd 4, concentrating on the clinch, but it wasn’t enough to impress the judges and the blue corner was awarded the decision.

Kaengkla Sumalee (Thailand) VS Chuchai Patong MK (Thailand) - Kaengkla WINS via decision

Martin Avery Sumalee (Thailand) VS Ross Elite Fight Club (Thailand) - Ross WINS via decision

Check out the photo album from Mike Davis Photography on our Facebook Page here, or watch the full fight videos below.