Product Review: Sandee ‘Essentials’ Velcro Synthetic Boxing Glove

Photography by Mike Davis for Sumalee Media

Our friends over at Sandee were kind enough to send us a pair of their new ‘Essentials’ Gloves last week. ‘Essentials’ are an innovative new range of synthetic gloves, hand crafted in Thailand. Their aim is to provide the same quality and craftsmanship as their full leather cousins, at a more affordable price. We passed them over to British Sumalee sponsored fighter, Martin Avery, for some real world testing during an afternoon session in our gym. Here’s what he had to say…

Hi Martin, how are you?
Good, thanks. Training hard. Got a lot of big fights coming up over the next month so I’m pushing myself in the gym.

So you’ve had the Sandee ‘Essentials’ 12oz gloves on for the last couple of hours. How do they feel?
Well these 12oz I’ve got are a nice, snug fit, very comfortable. The support on the wrist and thumb feels perfect. I use my hands a lot so it’s important they’re protected.

Yeh I like the design, different to a lot of gloves you see around the gym. Some people still prefer more traditional style but these stand out.

On the pads?
Solid. And they make a nice sound too.

And the build quality?
For a synthetic glove they feel very close to the full leather Sandee gloves we have at Sumalee. The stitching and velcro is of the same high standard. We train at least 4 hours a day, 6 days a week, so you go through gloves pretty quickly and stuff needs to last. If the price is right these could be spot on.

Which leads us nicely on to ‘value for money’…
£34.99? Yeh that’s great. Perfect if you’re just starting out and don’t want to spend loads of money on gear. Christmas is coming up too.

Give me a month and I’ll get back to you. Big thanks to Sandee for the gloves!

Check out the full Sandee range on their website and much more, including some great holiday deals on equipment and entry to the ‘Sandee UK Open Junior Championships 2015‘, proudly sponsored by Sumalee Boxing Gym!

Fight Results: 21st November 2014 at Bangla Boxing Stadium

By Mike Davis for Sumalee Media

3 Fantastic wins for Team Sumalee on Friday night! Alex from Lookborai Muay Thai in Southampton, England started us off. He faced a French nak muay who struggled to cope with some strong combinations that Alex was throwing his way. Our fighter put the pressure on and ended the match in Rd 3 by TKO with a couple of powerful knees.

Martin Avery was matched with a big fighter from Rita Muay Thai. Martin shrugged off some powerful kicks and paced himself well in the early rounds. By Rd 3 Martin’s attacks were starting to take their toll on the blue corner and the Brit had ended the match by Rd 4 with a well placed body kick. An impressive win!

Khru Nat aka Mongkol Thong Sumalee ended the night perfectly with a strong points win over Veelachai Nongnapat Muay Thai, a regular at Bangla Boxing Stadium. His performance of the Wai Khru was beautiful and was only matched by his technical prowess and strong clinching.

Alex Doyle Sumalee (England) VS Yanz Hussain Muay Thai (France)- Alex WINS via Rd 3 TKO

Martin Avery Sumalee (England) VS Alek Rita Muay Thai - Martin WINS via Rd 4 KO

Mongkol Thong Sumalee (Thailand) VS Veelachai Nongnapat Muay Thai (Thailand) - Mongkol Thong WINS via decision

Check out the photo album from Sumalee Media on our Facebook Page here, or watch the full fight videos below.