Blog Post: The truth about supplements

Written by SBG Performance & Nutrition


Be honest with yourself, how much money did you spend on pills and powders to help you achieve your health and fitness goals in 2014? If it’s anything like I used to then I’m betting you’d rather not think about it.

I’ve tried it all. From fat burners to mass gainers, pre-workouts and post-workouts, even pre-bed and post-bed which I am particularly ashamed of (a supplement company essentially sold me dinner and breakfast).

With the value of the sports supplements industry well into the billions of dollars worldwide, it is no wonder that companies will go out of their way to try and prise your hard earned cash out of your Arginine pumped hands.

But how much of it is based on good, scientific research? Companies can take studies (often paid for by themselves) and manipulate the data that comes out from them.

For example, if a study was conducted where one group of people are given supplement ‘x’ and another group are given a placebo and both groups were aiming to increase 1RM bench press, if the placebo group increased theirs by 0.1kg and the supplemented group increased by 0.2kg the company can say that taking their supplement improves bench press 100% than if you didn’t take it.

Sneaky, huh?

Often the results that people think they are getting from their supplement stack is actually masking the hard work they put in in the gym and consistency they have with their nutrition, week in, week out.

And if a supplement is giving fast, measurable, obvious results then chances are it’s illegal.

Often the benefits that supplements claim to make are within the 1% difference and are only really going to benefit top level athletes. Are you a top level athlete with an unlimited budget? If so then great, fill your boots. If you can afford to pay for the supplements and you think you may get that extra 1% then why not cover all the bases?

However, for 99.9% of the population 99 times out of a 100 there is always improvements that can be made in the diet, training, lifestyle and recovery before we even think about shooting for supplements.

That’s not to say I don’t think supplements have their place and there are a select few that I go for myself, which I feel help benefit me and are backed up by a hefty amount of research that suggests the same. I will be running through a list of my top 5 supplements (hint: Raspberry Ketones don’t make the cut) next week so if I haven’t bored you to death yet then you should have a look at next weeks post and give me your thoughts and your go to supplements.


Fight Results: 14th January 2015 at Bangla Boxing Stadium

By Mike Davis for Sumalee Media

Bangla Boxing Stadium has been seeing some big crowds as we begin high season in Phuket and Tuesday night was no exception. With 2 Sumalee fighters scheduled to fight and junior nak muay, Payakdam Sumalee, taking a fight at the last minute, the atmosphere was electric. Both Martin and Rozi had been pushed hard in the gym leading up to the fights and were eager to start their 2015 with a win.

Payakdam’s foe, Khunsuk, gave away a big advantage in height but looked fit and strong and proved to be a challenging opponent for our young fighter. Payakdam did all he could but could not contend with the strength of the blue corner and the referee stopped the fight in Round 3.

Our Australian female fighter from Sydney was up next in her third appearance for the camp. She was matched with another Thai fighter who was shorter, but just as experienced. It was a close fight with both corners scoring well, Rozi pushing on in Round 3 and Moddaeng taking a slight advantage in Round 4. In the final round Rozi came out strong with more punishing knees to take the win by decision. That’s three out of three for Rozi since joining us in Phuket!

Martin Avery was our final fighter to grace the stage in the penultimate match of the evening. The British fighter wasted no time as soon as the bell sounded. Sensing some apprehension from the blue corner he put the pressure on with some vicious combinations. After some huge body hooks the Frenchman was receiving his first 8 count, then his second, and by the third the referee had called an end to the fight. A great way to end the evening.

Payakdam Sumalee (Thailand) VS Khunsuk Lookjomehsanlakmeung (Thailand) - Khunsuk WINS via Round 3 TKO

Rozi Komlós (Australia) VS Moddaeng Cherngtalay Muay Thai (Thailand) - Rozi WINS via decision

Martin Avery Sumalee 
(England) VS Jeremy Vor. Hamthanon (France) - Martin WINS via Round 1 TKO

Check out the photo album from Sumalee Media on our Facebook Page here, or watch the full fight videos below.

Fight Results: 13th January 2015 at Chalong Boxing Stadium

By Mike Davis for Sumalee Media

Both Mongkol Thong Sumalee and Sasha were due to fight on Tuesday night but due to a big weight difference with his opponent, Mongkol Thong’s fight was cancelled, and Sasha led the charge for Team Sumalee.

This was only Sasha’s second fight for the camp but the improvement in his technique since his first fight was instantly apparent as soon as he stepped in the ring. The Ukranian held his ground well for the first few rounds, using his speed and kicks as his main weapons. As the fight went on he wore down his Thai opponent before an accurate combination of strikes in Rd 4 left him on the canvas unable to continue. As you would expect Sasha was very pleased with his first win and our team of trainers were impressed with his progress since his last fight at Bangla Boxing Stadium.

Sasha Sumalee 
(Ukraine) VS Singnoi Sit Em Tiger (Thailand) - Sasha WINS via Round 4 TKO

Watch the full fight video below!