Sumalee Ringside Restaurant

At Sumalee Boxing Gym we recognise the importance of ensuring that students at the gym are provided with the right food so they are in prime physical condition, enabling them to meet the challenges put to their bodies. 

Sumalee Boxing Gym is pleased to present the Sumalee Ringside Restaurant, serving meals throughout the day and early evening. The restaurant area provides a focus point for students to meet and socialize.  A pool table, a home theatre and sound system, and many games are available to help with relaxation between muay thai training sessions.     The restaurant menu contains a wide selection of Thai and International food as well as smoothies, shakes and protein shakes.

The menu has been put together with the needs of those participating on a high intensity training programme in minds. Our kitchen manager is very accommodating and helpful with regards to any special dietary requirements. Where possible, only fresh local ingredients are used and additives/processed foods are avoided. Breakfast is available at the gym and there are a range of options for breakfast on the menu, as well as the daily set menu which consists of: fruit juice, fresh fruit, cereal, toast, egg/yogurt.

Sumalee Boxing Gym offers a meal plan service enabling students to ensure they get a well balanced and nutritious diet to sustain them throughout their stay at the gym.