Phuket Temples and Shrines (1)

People training Muay Thai in Phuket who want to get a real feel for the culture which underpins the discipline should take timeout of training to visit some of the many temples and shrines on the island.  The majority have the pre-fix ‘Wat’ and these are Thai Buddhist temples.  Those Thai fighters who are buddhist will frequently visit the temple to be blessed, especially before an important fight.  They will usually have their Mongkol and Prajiat blessed at the temple before using it.  At Sumalee Boxing Gym we encourage those students who are interested to go to our local temple at Ban Pa Khlok for a blessing too.  This is a beautiful temple which is very far removed from some of the more crowded tourist temples on the island.  The grounds contain an eclectic mix of artifacts including a monkey and a papier mache model of a helicopter!  The monks at this temple blessed Sumalee Bong Gym when it opened.  There is always somebody available at the gym to take students there and personally introduce them to the monks. All photos by [Gallery not found]